What’s New in 2022 for the CA Bottle Bill, 6/22

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This month will feature Susan Collins, President of the Container Recycling Institute, and Jeff Donlevy of Ming’s Recycling. Together they will give updates happening in their world and speak on the updates for the CA Bottle Bill.

Updates to discuss:

  • The effort to include wine and spirits containers
  • CalRecycle announcement last week about more money for redemption centers
  • The political interplay and competition between a flawed EPR bill, SB 54, and a ballot initiative pushed by Recology

The Recycling Archives will present readings from one of the pioneers of resource recovery. This month, Susan Kinsella, director of the Recycling Archives, will revisit Chicago’s Ken Dunn, an early adopter of community buyback centers who has reported recent and disturbing disruptions to his business.

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