2020 Legislation

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California Legislature – – 2019-2020 Session

1. Clean Seas Lobby Coalition’s Priority Bills are denoted with (*)
2. CalRecycle’s Priority Bills are denoted with (**)

Bills Passed out of Legislature, Enrolled and Sent to Governor, as of 9/24/20 (6)
Note – Vote Designations: Ayes-Noes-NVR (No Vote Recorded)

AB 793 (Ting & Irwin) Recycling: plastic beverage containers: minimum recycled content. * **   Sample Letter
Would, on and after January 1, 2022, require the total number of plastic beverage containers filled with a beverage by a beverage manufacturer to contain, on average, specified amounts of postconsumer recycled plastic content per year, pursuant to a tiered plan that would require the total number of plastic beverage containers to contain, no less than 50% postconsumer recycled plastic content per year by 2030. The bill would impose civil penalties, on a beverage manufacturer for violating these requirements.
08/30/20 – Senate Floor: 39-0-1
08/30/20 – Assembly Floor: 65-0-14

AB 2287 Eggman D Solid waste: Plastic Film Compostability * **    Sample Letter
Polyethelene film is used widely in agriculture, which is not biodegradable and essentially not recyclable. Bill authorizes the use of mulch film plastic labeled “soil degradable” if it meets specified standards, and clarifies changes relating to biodegradable and compostable labeling. It prevents the sale of products making fraudulent claims of degradability. It gives the Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling an additional six months to make market development policy recommendations, and to identify recyclable or compostable products.
08/29/20 – Senate Floor: 38-0-2
08/30/20 – Assembly Floor: 75-0-4

AB 2762 (Muratsuchi, Quirk, and Wicks) Cosmetic products: Safety   Sample Letter
AB 2762 will explicitly prohibit the sale of beauty and personal care products in California containing 12 specific toxic chemicals, including mercury, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates plus 13 per- or poly-fluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS chemicals). All of these ingredients are already banned in the European Union, which restricts the use of nearly 1,400 chemicals in cosmetics, compared to only 11 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. At least 88 different carcinogens and reproductive toxins are intentionally added to cosmetics sold in California today. AB 2762 would provide Californians the same protections from harmful cosmetics provided to people that shop for the exact same products in the European Union and numerous other countries.
08/28/20 Passed Senate: 39-0-1.
08/30/20 Senate amendments concurred in. Passed Assembly: 74-0-5.

AB 3214 Limón D Oil Spills Fines and Penalties *    Sample Letter
AB 3214 doubles financial penalties for violations, including failing to notify state and federal agencies of the discharge of oil into waters of the state, and allows a fine of up to $1,000 dollars per gallon spilled in excess of 1,000 gallons of oil. In May 2015, a highly pressurized oil pipeline ruptured in Santa Barbara County, releasing over 140,000 gallons of oil, severely damaging the coastal ecosystem and local economy. Plains All American Pipeline was convicted of one felony and eight misdemeanors for failing to maintain the pipeline, along with mishandling the response to the spill. Due to the current limit on criminal penalties, an $18 billion company was required to pay a penalty of a little over $3 million. AB 3214 gives the court flexibility, and a built-in accountability deterrent, to prevent these types of spills in the future.
08/28/20 – Passed Senate Floor Vote: 26-12-2.
08/31/20 – Senate amendments concurred in. Assembly Floor Vote: 48-18-13.

SB 312 (Leyva) Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2020 *   Sample Letter
SB 312, would require the disclosure of potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetic and professional salon products, and require reporting such ingredients to the California Safe Cosmetics Program that appear on one or more of the 23 authoritative hazard lists referenced in the bill. Currently, there are no federal or state laws that require such disclosures. Professional salon workers are disproportionately exposed to fragrance chemicals, with hairdressers and beauticians have a 47-fold higher risk of fragrance skin allergies, and higher risks of asthma. SB 312 will provide all consumers and salon workers will important ingredients information that they want and deserve, so as to avoid and minimize their potential health risks.
08/25/20 – Passed Assembly: 72-0-7.
08/28/20 – Assembly amendments concurred in. Passed Senate: 37-1-2.

SB 1044 (Allen) Firefighting equipment and foam: PFAS chemicals *   Sample Letter
PFAS are a class of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl man-made chemicals used widely in industrial and consumer products, from cookware and water- or stain-resistant clothing to firefighting foam. These persistent “forever” chemicals are linked to a long list of health problems, and can be harmful at extremely low doses. SB 1044 will protect Californians and firefighters from unnecessary exposures by prohibiting the sale and use of firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals in California, and mandating that purchasers of firefighting gear are provided written notice if the equipment contains PFAS chemicals.
08/26/20 – Passed Assembly: 72-0-7.
08/30/20 – Assembly amendments concurred in. Passed Senate: 39-0-1.