Want to help out for an afternoon or more, have fun and develop a new skill or freshen old ones? NCRA has a collaborative committee system and volunteer opportunities of all kinds, durations and levels! To see current opportunities, click on Volunteers Needed in sidebar at right.

NCRA has seven committees and a few subcommittees. Some meet by phone and email; a few have face to face meetings.

Communications: The CC works with all NCRA committees and partner groups to insure our Zero Waste message and events get out to as wide an audience as possible. It is responsible for the website, newsletter, two directories. Read more… Chair: Portia Sinnott

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity: The DEI Committee’s mission is to drive meaningful intersectional change across all aspects of our work. Co-Chairs: Felisia Castaneda and Julia Au. Read more…

Finance: Led by the Treasurer, the finance committee is responsible for accounting reports and budgets. Chair: Alex Bradley

Membership, Engagement and Activities : Read more… Co-Chairs: Tim Dewey-Mattia and Alexandra Hoffman

Zero Waste Advocacy:  NCRA’s action arm to strive towards Zero Waste, we encourage communities to incorporate waste reduction, reuse, recycling, salvaging, and composting as the principle parts of their discard management systems. We advocate long-range policies that facilitate these practices. We try to rock the boat NCRA style. Read more… Co-Chairs: Doug Brooms and John Moore

Zero Food Waste Committee, an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Zero Waste Advocacy Committee, is focused (in the short run) on following up on our Zero Food Waste Forum by monitoring the status of SB1383, especially those elements which address food waste. We plan to continue sharing resources and innovations to help NCRA members and local jurisdictions understand the requirements and how to meet them.  Co-Chairs: Susan Blachman and Jack Steinman. Read more…

Zero Waste Schools: We strive to help schools reduce waste by sharing resources, best practices and case studies fpm K-12 schools. Members welcome! Chair: Jessica Robinson. Read more…

Elections: This committee manages the Board of Directors Election process. Work begins with the Fall release of the Call for Nominations and culminates in December. Questions welcome at any time. Co-Chairs: Lori Marra and Laura McKaughan

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