Should the CA Bottle Bill be Scrapped? 4/21


This month we will highlight California’s Bottle Bill with four knowledgeable speakers presenting four separate perspectives. First, Susan Collins of the Container Recycling Institute and former Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle of Tri-Ced will answer the question: “Should the Bottle Bill be fixed or scrapped and why. If fixed, what would you fix and is there a current bill to do so in the legislature this session?”

Next, two recyclers with long standing interests in the Bottle Bill will state what they really think the legislature should do or not do in addressing the Bottle Bill. First will be Adolfo Ramirez of BC Recycling Inc of Visalia, Ca. BC operates several buyback facilities and serves the most disadvantaged populations in the Visalia community. Next, Dr. Dan Knapp, of Urban Ore Inc, whose doctorate is in sociology, will discuss the sociology of recycling and why personal contact with redemption centers is such an important part of zero waste that cannot be served only by machines. Following these 4 speakers will be a question and answer session. Then, the Recycling Archives will present readings from one of the pioneers of resource recovery. This month, Susan Kinsella, director of the Recycling Archives, will share readings of the youthful Dr. Knapp.