Using Pyrolysis to Convert Plastic Waste Into Fuel, 1/23

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This month we talk with NorCal local, Brian Bauer CEO of Resynergi, and the technology he designed that uses an advanced pyrolytic method in order to efficiently convert 1 kilogram of plastic waste into 1 liter of fuel.

Resynergi has yet to undergo strict environmental review per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in order to determine if outputs release significant toxic particulates into the environment. In the meantime, Brian shares with us his current happenings and future plans for the technology and why his method sets the bar higher compared to companies undergoing conventional pyrolysis.

We look forward to following back with the data. Listen for yourself. Is this greenwashing? Does this promote the continued use of single-use plastics? If CEQA determined no significant environmental impact could this be a solution that has a place to restore and protect the Earth?

This month’s Recycling Archive segment features recycling pioneer, Dr. Paul Connett, Executive Director at Fluoride Action Network.

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