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2022 Board of Directors                        Staff

David Krueger, President                                                         Portia Sinnott, Acting Executive Director
Jessica Robinson, VP and Education Co-Chair               Juliana Gerber, Admin – since 2016
Julia Au, Co-Treasurer and DEI Co-Chair                        Chris Sparnicht, IT Consultant – since 2016
David Hott, Co-Treasurer                                                       Bonnie Betts, Social Media & Marketing Consultant
Susan Blachman, Secretary and Special Projects
Doug Brooms, Zero Waste Advocacy Co-Chair
Tim Dewey-Mattia, MEAC Co-Chair
Alina Bekkerman, MEAC and Special Projects
Freddy Coronado, Zero Waste Youth Laiason

2022 Update in progress:

David Krueger, Solid Waste Programs Division Manager, City of Sunnyvale (term ends 12/2023)
David Krueger manages the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer (SMaRT) Station and the collection franchise agreement. Until January 1, 2021 he administered all aspects of the City of San Ramon’s recycling programs.  He has over 26 years of professional experience in the recycling industry, and has worked for the City of San Jose, Waste Management’s Davis St. Transfer Station, and as a consultant with R.W. Beck and Associates and HF&H.  He has served on the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board and the California Resource Recovery Association’s Board of Directors.  Mr. Krueger’s areas of expertise include construction/demolition debris recycling, Materials Recovery Facility operations, and organics composting. He, alongside Alexandra Hoffman, joined the NCRA Board in May 2015.

Jessica Robinson, M.A.S.C., Resilience:Birthright, Climate LeaderJessicaRobinsonHeadShot (term ends 12/2022)
Jessica Jane Robinson has a BA degree in Performing Arts and Social Justice, minor in dance from the University of San Francisco. Jessica participated as Miss Alameda for the 2010 and 2011 Miss California USA pageant; with the platform of reducing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions and promoting clean technology and energy. As Miss Alameda, Jessica has sought to encourage behavior changes among the public by promoting Alameda’s recycling and composting program in local schools and businesses. She is one of the founders of the MASC program (Miss Alameda Says Compost), recruiting restaurants in Alameda to recycle and compost. She has helped the City of Alameda reach 75% diversion goal in 2012, by the success of her programs and outreach. Currently, she is developing a transmedia project called “Resilience: Birthright,” with the goal to inspire cultural and social change with the help of entertainment and multi-media.

Doug Brooms, Engineer, and Conservationist (term ends 12/2022)
Doug Brooms is a retired Mechanical Engineer and an Oakland native. Doug has sustaining commitments to recycling promotion and waste reduction and supports various environmental justice causes, including climate change, marine plastics pollution, habitat preservation, and renewable energy transitioning.  He’s the Recycling Coordinator at his apartment complex and likes doing recycling and landfill diversion work at public events.  Doug has videotaped a number of NCRA-related events.

Tim Dewey-Mattia, Recycling & Public Education Manager, Napa Recycling & Waste ServicesTim_website photo_b&w (term ends 12/2023)
Tim Dewey-Mattia is the Recycling & Public Education Manager for Napa Recycling & Waste Services, the local franchise hauler, as well as the operator of Napa’s Recycling & Composting Facility. He got his start in Zero Waste almost 20 years ago –  with the Middlebury College recycling program and then for non-profit recycling organizations in San Francisco.  He has been at Napa Recycling for 10 years and works on all aspects of program development, implementation, and outreach… plus he talks chickens at Recycling Update.

Susan Blachman, Consultant, Blachman Consulting,  (term ends 12/2023)
Ms. Blachman is a consultant in environmental sustainability, economic development, equity and social justice with over 30 years experience. A passionate zero food waste advocate, Blachman is doing her best to get organics out of landfill; she regularly incorporates leftovers into her family’s meals, enjoys the challenge of shopping her fridge before heading out to the market and is chairing NCRA’s Zero Food Waste Committee. Ms. Blachman served as Associate Director for the Environmental Finance Center, Region IX at Dominican University of California for many years. She holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Alina Bekkerman, National Sustainability Manager, SBM Site Services, (term ends 12/2022)
Alina began shifting her focus from a career in marketing data towards sustainability and zero waste in 2014 while traveling in Ecuador. Connecting with the local community abroad, she collaborated on a recycling education initiative called Proyecto Puerto López Limpio, engaging the youth and municipality in a 3-week long project and Earth Day fair. Locally, Alina is part of Zero Waste Youth USA planning committee, helping the next generation move towards a zero waste future. As the National Sustainability Manager at SBM – a custodial services company, Alina works on recycling and sustainable program development, waste diversion reporting, and materials management consulting for SBM client across the San Francisco bay area and the west coast.

Julia Au, Sr. Outreach, Education and Compliance Manager, RethinkWaste (term ends 12/2022)
Julia has worked on environmental policy, outreach and education for over a decade while at RethinkWaste, San Mateo County, California Product Stewardship Council, SF Department of the Environment, and Californians Against Waste. She has been involved in a variety of programs and initiatives, from household hazardous waste outreach and policy to bag ban and safe medicine disposal ordinances and recycling and composting campaigns. Julia is passionate about motivating positive environmental behavior change and boosting awareness throughout the community via research, creative outreach, and sound policy. Julia holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning with a Water Quality emphasis from the University of California, Davis.

David Hott, Director of Operations , Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen (term ends 12/2022)

After an incredibly successful career within the private sector, I set my sights towards a vocation in the non-profit arena. My studies in collaborative health and human services assisted me to master the theory and practice of inter-agency collaboration.  Utilizing evidence-based best practices, I value both innovation and tradition. With a culturally competent foundation, I understand that the strength of an organization is measured through relationships.

I look forward to the many opportunities ahead to apply my leadership abilities and education in service to our community. With a vision for a day when no child in America goes hungry, I forge ahead in pursuit of solutions. In California alone, nearly 6 million tons of food are thrown away every year, at the expense of the environment. Meanwhile, 1 in 4 California residents is food insecure. I seek to help hungry families and our planet equally through improving food recovery systems.  My other passion revolves around outdoor wilderness adventures. As a backcountry wilderness guide, I facilitate meaningful experiences for those seeking to connect with nature, while off the grid.

Previous board members listed below Staff.


PMS Head Shot 2006Portia M. Sinnott, Acting Executive Director and Newsletter Editor, Former President and long-term Board member, also MS+, ZWUSA, Zero Waste Action – Sonoma County
Portia Sinnott is a Zero Waste advocate consultant that co-leads national and international teams working with the USEPA, UN-Habitat and a variety of jurisdictions and businesses. Favorite projects include the EPA Zero Waste Community Assessment Framework and other components of the EPA’s  Zero Waste microsite. She serves as Program Director for Zero Waste USA aka GrassRoots Recycling Network, Editor and Co-Registrar of the Northern California Recycling Association and Co-Founder and Executive Director of LITE Initiatives – the sustainable practices group that operates Zero Waste Action – Sonoma County and Community Bikes. On behalf of all these groups, Portia is the convener of the Zero Waste Brain Trust, which collects data on Zero Waste initiatives and organizes small group brainstorms, large stakeholder meetings, and projects focused on the transition to a world without waste. The NCRA president for 6 years in the 1980s, Portia rejoined the board in 2010, served as a VP for 5 years, stepped down in 2015 to make way for new interested parties, rejoined in 2020 and stepped down again in January 2022 to become the part-time Executive Director.

Julijgsmilealcatrazana Gerber, Administrative Coordinator

Chris SparnichtChris Sparnicht, Web Maestro, Laughter On Water

Former Board Members:

Alexandra (Hoffmann)  Bradley, Public & Govt. Relations, Recycle for Change
Alex HeadshotAfter graduating with a BA in Economics and a BA in Political Science, Alexandra began her career in real estate finance.  However, in 2008 she had the opportunity to take a position with Waste Management as a Recycling Coordinator, and after that, her world was never the same.  She has broad experience with Zero Waste related topics including e-waste recycling, textiles, commercial, multi-family, and food waste pilots.  She also excels at grant and proposal writing, recently authoring a winning grant proposal to promote textile recycling, funded by the San Francisco Department of Environment.  She is constantly brainstorming ideas on how we can integrate varying industry and public goals to create communities, more opportunities, and a better environment for future generations.  When she is not working towards Zero Waste, Alexandra can be found selling homes in Marin County or digging in the dirt volunteering with the Marin Master Gardeners.

Kerry Parker, Zero Waste Specialist, City of Alameda (term ends 12/2021)    Kerry has worked in municipal government for 17 years, and specifically in zero waste efforts for the last 13. Her passions and policymaking have landed her in the center of the region’s reusable foodware discussion; have caused her to reimagine Alameda’s entire C&D program to run like a song; wrote and produced a school assembly called The Lunch Monitors that featured a cast of NCRA members and was presented to most students in Alameda to teach them how to sort lunchtime waste.  As her career has been somewhat of a winding path, Kerry claims that every darn day she uses her previous experience as a Montessori pre-school teacher in the 90s (in Berkeley and in Santa Cruz) and that her 6-year stint focusing on online content publishing and software development deeply influences how she sees data-driven projects in the Zero Waste movement. Kerry holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Women’s Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Lori Marra, Environmental Specialist with the City of Fremont (term ends 12/2019)  According to her social media profile, Lori is good at “waste”.  However, she is much better at recycling and composting. Lori has managed recycling programs for Fremont residents and businesses since 2006. Prior to joining the Fremont team, she worked for the cities of Hayward and Alameda. In 2007, she received her master’s degree in Environmental Management from USF. Lori has served NCRA as a member of the Election Committee (2014-2017). Additional board experience includes Secretary of the City of Fremont Employee Association (2015-present), President of Spring Valley IV HOA in Livermore (2013-2018), Executive Committee member of CRRA’s Construction & Demolition Technical Council (2010-2017). For fun, Lori and her husband like to travel and take pictures in front of recycling bins.

Laura McKaughan, Principal, Envirolutions LLCLaura McKaughan has worked in the resource management industry for over 10 years before starting her own environmental consulting company in 2014. Prior to this, she served as Sustainability and Conservation Manager for Stanford Student Housing and worked for the San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC) for 8 years. At the SFCC, she was originally hired as the Recycling Projects Manager and was promoted to Associate Director of Green Programs in 2011. She has an MBA in Environmental Entrepreneurship from Dominican University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona. Laura joined the NCRA board in 2010 and was a visionary president from 2012-2018.

John Moore, Attorney, Henn, Etzel and Moore
John Moore is an accomplished trial lawyer, including a multi-million dollar jury verdict, who has been in practice since 1980. He has taught trial skills to lawyers, writing and research to law students, recycling law and negotiating skills to graduate students, and practical law to high school students. He has been NCRA legal counsel since the 1990s and represents several recycling businesses. XXXX

Jessica Connolly Nusse, Solid Waste Specialist, Castro Valley Sanitary District
Jessica Nusse has been working in the Zero Waste industry since 2009. Jessica is currently working for Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) and previously on source reduction, recycling, and composting programs in multi-family dwellings (MFDs) with Marin Sanitary Service. She interned at Recology San Francisco on the Environmental Learning Center tour program from 2009-2010.  She worked with Recology San Mateo County as a Diversion Auditor from 2010-2012, where she helped large businesses, and MFDs increase diversion through source reduction, recycling, and composting. Jessica also taught an environmental literacy internship program to formerly-homeless people at a non-profit in San Francisco from 2012-2014. She has a degree in Geography: Human Environmental Studies from San Francisco State University, where she graduated with high honors. Jessica joined the NCRA Board in 2012, serving on both the Membership Committee and the Zero Waste Advocacy Committee. She also served as the Co-Chair of the Zero Waste Youth Convergence.

Jennifer Cutter,  Recycling Programs Coordinator, City of Union City
Jennifer Cutter works with businesses, municipal facilities, multi-family complexes, and community groups to establish diversion programs in the Bay Area. She specializes in recycling and organics implementation, but also develop public outreach for HHW, e-waste, and other environmental programs. Ms. Cutter’s recycling program experience is unique because of both public and private-sector perspectives through her former positions as recycling coordinator with Republic Services of Alameda County and with the City of Hayward Recycling Division.

Arthur Boone, Center for Recycling Research & Total Recycling AssociatesArthur_Boone_head
Arthur Boone was a member of the NCRA board for most years since becoming a professional in recycling in 1983. Now semi-retired, he founded NCRA’s well-praised RECYCLING UPDATE  and INTRODUCTION TO RECYCLING  classes. He most recently chaired NCRA’s Zero Waste Advocacy Committee, which advises NCRA on policy and legislative matters. He lives in Berkeley and holds degrees from Princeton and Brown Universities and the Union Theological Seminary in NYC.

Tomer Shapira, Customer Service Field Manager, Specialty Solid Waste & RecyclingTomerShapira
A lifelong advocate for environmental and social justice for people and the planet, Tomer Shapira has been working professionally in the recycling and Zero Waste industry since 2006. After graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a double major in Environmental and Community Studies, Tomer went on to designing and implementing Zero Waste management systems for events and festivals in California and nationally across the U.S., before settling in San Francisco and joining the local Conservation Corps in 2010.  Managing the Corps’ city-wide Zero Waste projects program represented a chance to continue in Zero Waste education and implementation, but closer to home. Working alongside at-risk and underprivileged young adults for five years provided an invaluable perspective into the importance of connecting the concept of environmental stewardship to diverse local communities. This passion has carried over in his work with Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling, where he began as the company’s Customer Service Field Manager in December of 2014.  A proud NCRA member since 2010, Tomer served on the Board of Directors since 2013.

SC Work PhotoSteven Chiv, Zero Waste Commercial Specialist, City and County of SF
Steven Chiv is a Zero Waste and sustainability advocate with a focus on material resource conservation working with the San Francisco’s Department of the Environment towards their goal of Zero Waste by 2020. He has experience navigating state and local environmental policy, implementing commercial and residential Zero Waste policy, and organizing community grassroots outreach.  Steven believes that all meaningful conservation and care for our beautiful planet begins with individual responsibility.  He is focused on stimulating behavior change to drive greater environmental action and care for Mother Earth and her finite resources. Steven shares NCRA’s Zero Waste vision with the new generation of recyclers and proudly served as NCRA Membership Committee Co-chair.

Rebecca Jewell wrapped up at Davis Street Transfer Station in April 2016, having worked as the
Recycling Programs Manager since 2006. At DSTS, she was primarily responsible for explaining operations & programs to partners in the industry, the curious members of the public as well as City and regulatory staffs. Rebecca has her bachelor’s degree from Kalamazoo College, a small liberal arts college in Southwest Michigan. Her professional experience began in working with at-risk youth and domestic violence survivors in residential settings. Rebecca initially came to the recycling scene working at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County. There, she helped shape the recycling programs and formed 2 creative reuse programs.

Steven Sherman specializes in the composting and anaerobic digestion of organic materials. Steven has 25 years of consulting experience in program planning, policy development, project implementation and management, contractor management, training, and program evaluation. His consulting, research, operations, policy, education and training efforts for several award-winning clients have helped to lay the groundwork for comprehensive organics management as a cornerstone of zero waste and advanced recycling efforts. His current and past board service includes: Alameda County Recycling Board, Vice President; Upstream, Treasurer; Berkeley Zero Waste Commission, member; California Organics Recycling Council, co-founder/policy co-director; San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, Treasurer/VP; Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union, VP. Steven holds an M.S. in Resource Economics from Cornell University, a Certificate in Advanced Indonesian language, a Certificate in Financial Planning, and a B.A. in Environmental History from Yale University. Favorite slogan: “More fun, less stuff.”

Hilary Near, Commercial Zero Waste Assistant, City & County of San Francisco
has worked toward Zero Waste for over a decade in various municipal and private organizations including StopWaste, San Francisco Department of the Environment and Cascadia Consulting Group. Her overarching commitment has been to behavior change through effective communication and leadership, whether it be discussing the nuisances of the refuse rate structure to a local business leader or engaging fourth graders in an impromptu science lesson with a worm bin. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Geography and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from San Francisco State University. She has also served on the U.S. Composting Council’s Compostable Products Task Force as a facilitator since 2011. Hilary joined the NCRA board in 2017.

Nik Balachandran, CEO, Zabble Inc., (term ends 12/2020) Nik’s foray into the waste industry ,was triggered by the excessive amounts of waste in the environment and the lack of data to engage with the masses. An advocate of the circular economy, he founded Zabble Inc. in 2016 to leverage the latest in technology to simplify waste quantification, track and monitor waste continuously and conduct baseline analysis for improving process efficiency towards zero waste. He currently works with restaurants, facilities and schools to establish zero waste processes to reduce waste, increase diversion, reduce contamination and save costs which ultimately protects Earth’s vital natural resources. Nik has been deeply involved in local beach cleanups in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2007. In 2011, he received an award from Texas Instruments for his volunteering efforts with the Green Team to reduce cafeteria food waste and promote campus-wide e-cycling. Nik Balachandran has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University. He is also a TRUE™ Zero Waste Advisor. His passion for hiking and open water swimming is a constant reminder to keep trash out of the environment. 

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