Is It Greenwashing? Sana Packaging, 1/22

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Guests: Ron Basak-Smith

Recycling Pioneer: Mary Lou Van Deventer

Greenwashing is a controversial term used to describe firms that seek the benefits of “eco-friendly” marketing without truly engaging with efforts to make the world economy more sustainable. In this episode of the ZWAC show, committee members interview Ron Basak-Smith of Sana Packaging, who make ostensibly environmentally friendly packaging for Cannabis products in California. The unique requirements of this packaging make a recycled and sustainable solution difficult, but Sana claims that using recycled floating ocean plastic, they can significantly improve the sustainability of the industry. This fascinating interview features tough questions from knowledgeable advocates in a truly special field of environmentalism. 


As an ardent advocate against greenwashing, the Recycling Archives featured Mary Lou Van Deventer of Urban Ore, Inc.


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