Annual Meeting, May 18, 2023

Thursday, May 18, 6pm

Oakland, CA 94612 and via Zoom
Light dinner provided on-site

Join the NCRA Board, staff, volunteers, fellow members and interested parties for an evening of brainstorming, connecting and planning. We’re looking forward to hearing from you about webinars, activities, and programming you’d like to see in the year ahead! We encourage folks who live nearby to attend in person if possible. For the Zoom participants, we plan to broadcast the presentations and then shift to virtual breakouts as appropriate.

After the meeting, some folks will go to the nearby Kon-Tiki Room for Green Drinks. Standby for additional details.

Register today!

Oakland/In-Person     or     On-Line/Zoom

2023 Bylaws Available Soon

The Board is working on NCRA’s 2023 restated Bylaws – 5 pages, which will replace the 2019 Bylaws – 31 pages. This set is a simpler, more generic version that is in sync with the State of California non-profits requirements.

The 2023 Bylaws are  part of our effort to bring NCRA more up to date. The Board was assisted in this effort by Alcorn Law of Citrus Heights.

The new Bylaws will be ready for member review in early 2024. A 2/3 majority of the membership is required for approval.

Questions are welcome via the website contact page.

2023 Board of Directors Elections – Candidate Statements

Eight NCRA members – including 3 incumbents, have been nominated to serve on the 2024-2025 Board of Directors. There are six two-year positions to fill.

Voting opens Wednesday, November 15 and ends Thursday, November 30 at midnight. Results will be presented to the board for ratification, then to the candidates via email and later to the membership via the December newsletter.

Early November 15, custom voting links will be emailed to current members. If you do not receive our SimplyVoting email that day, but believe you should –  your membership is current as of November 15, 2022, please contact the office.


Xinci Tan

Xinci Tan, Member since 2018 In 2018 Zero Waste Sonoma hired me to lead SB 1383 implementation efforts. In addition, as the Organics Program Manager, I oversee contracts with the…

Devin Jackson

Devin Jackson, Incumbent, Member since 2020 I am a STEM/STEAM teacher, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, 2021 CCC Leadership in Sustainability Award Winner, Recycle SMART “green” educator, 2018 “Bronze” CA Green Ribbon…

Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall, Incumbent, Member since 2019 I’ve been a NCRA member since 2019 and a board member since early 2022. As the co-chair of the Zero Waste Advocacy Committee, I’ve…

Sally Houghton

Sally Houghton, Member since 2016 Plastic Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC) staff have been NCRA members for several decades; as the new Executive Director, I want to continue the legacy…

Xinci Tan

Xinci Tan, Member since 2018

In 2018 Zero Waste Sonoma hired me to lead SB 1383 implementation efforts. In addition, as the Organics Program Manager, I oversee contracts with the composting facilities who process our residential green bin material, organize compost giveaway events, promote educational programs for home/community composting, and manage several grants, among other things.

I am currently a member of the US Composting Council (USCC) Young Professionals’ Outreach Committee as well as the USCC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Committee. My experiences in both roles have been deeply satisfying because I get to connect people across the country by fostering relationships while bringing ideas to life. For example, I advocated for and helped to develop the USCC’s first scholarship program, launched in 2022, which pays for a portion or full cost of registration. The scholarship makes the conference more accessible to people who may not otherwise be able to attend.

I wish to take a more active role closer to home, here in the Bay Area, and run for the NCRA board. An active member of the NCRA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, I greatly enjoy the Zero Food Waste Forum webinars as well as the annual Recycling Updates. As a board member, I believe I can lend my skills to help improve programs and shape policy in our region while encouraging equity and access.

Alyssa Rice-Wilson

Alyssa Rice-Wilson, Member since 2017

Hello. My name is Alyssa Rice-Wilson, and I am running for a seat on the Board of Directors. I have been working in the recycling and Zero Waste industry since 1998. Over the past 25 years, I have been leading efforts towards Zero Waste in non-profits, local/regional government, and as an independent consultant. If you know me, you know that I am committed to the path of zero waste both in my professional and personal life. I would like to serve the NCRA membership on the Board through assisting with NCRA’s Recycling Update and other events, and encouraging others in the industry to join and participate in NCRA. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration on the NCRA Board.

Naama Brenner-Abramovitch

Naama Brenner-Abramovitch, Member since 2017

I’m excited to announce my candidacy for the NCRA Board of Directors. Currently, I hold the position of Recycling Specialist at Napa Recycling, which has provided me with valuable insights into the recycling and compost industry.

For seven years, I’ve worked with both the private and public sectors, local communities, and environmental organizations to promote waste reduction, resource reuse, and effective recycling and composting programs. For the last three years, I’ve actively engaged with Napa Climate NOW!’s Waste Reduction Committee to advocate for a reusable foodware ordinance. Additionally, I served on the board of Feeding it Forward, a Napa-based food recovery organization, for three years.

As a NCRA member since 2017 and participant in the NCRA Membership Engagement and Activities Committee, I’ve organized the Recycling Update 2023 tour in Napa and helped organize the 2023 NCRA coastal cleanup and annual picnic.

My vision for NCRA is to foster collaboration, encourage knowledge sharing, and address challenges within our community. I believe NCRA’s pivotal role can facilitate dialogue and inspire meaningful actions. Furthermore, I’m enthusiastic about advocating for policies and regulations that promote waste reduction, creating a vibrant reuse infrastructure, and establishing zero waste.

I’m eager for the opportunity to contribute my expertise and passion to advance NCRA’s mission and create a lasting positive impact on our community and the environment.
Thank you for considering my candidacy!