2022 Board of Directors Elections – Candidate Statements

Seven NCRA members – including 4 incumbents, have nominated themselves to serve on the 2023-2024 Board of Directors. There are five two-year positions to fill.

Voting opens Tuesday, November 22 and ends Tuesday, December 6 at midnight. Results will be announced to the board, then the candidates and then via the December newsletter.

Early November 22, custom voting links will be emailed to current members. If you do not receive our SimplyVoting email that day, but believe you should –  your membership is current as of November 21, 2022, please contact the office

The candidates are Julia Au, Alina Bekkerman, David Hott, John Moore, Lori Marra, Jessica Jane Robinson and Randy Russell.


Alina Bekkerman, Incumbent, Member since 2017 I have been a member of the NCRA board since 2017, and as the newest Board Secretary, I supported the development of the newly…

David Hott, Incumbent, Member since 2019 With an educational background in Collaborative Health and Human Services from the University of California Monterey Bay, I bring extensive work experience in food…

Jessica Jane Robinson, Incumbent, Member since 2012 I’ve been an NCRA member since 2012, serving as Vice President (4yrs), Treasurer (4yrs). Now serving as President, I would like to honor…

John Moore, Member since 1992 I solicit your vote to return me to the NCRA Board. I served on the Board from 2007-2019. By then I needed a rest. I…

Julia Au, Incumbent, Member since 2019 I would be honored to continue to serve on the NCRA Board. For the past two years I have had the pleasure of serving…

Lori Marra, Member since 2006 I previously served on the 2019 NCRA Board and on the Elections Committee for years. I would like to serve on the Board again to…

Randy Russell, Member since 2012 After a decade as a NCRA member, I feel that it’s time for me to step up my involvement, deepen my commitment, and run for…

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RU 2023 Call For Papers Closed

Many of you are very familiar with the long track record and unique format of Recycling Update, the one-day conference produced annually by the Northern California Recycling Association since 1995. For the third time since its inception, NCRA has decided to create part of the 2023 program using a call for papers.

Original presentations on leading edge waste reduction, equity and environmental justice programs will be favored for inclusion on the program. All papers selected will need to be adapted into presentations not exceeding 10 minutes; your presentation will typically reach over 400 attendees – no panels or breakouts.

The call for papers is now open! it closes on November 23 at midnight.

To apply please complete this form.

For more information about the call or the conference, please review the FAQ  page before contacting the office.

2022 Speaker Bios
2022 Program

2020 Program

RU Videos and more on our
YouTube Channel

Scavenging From Trash To Treasure, 7/22

Watch the Recording!

The ancestors of today’s recyclers were called scavengers. In this show the committee interviews Ricky Ramos, Senior Project Manager of the Downtown Streets Team of Oakland describing a grant program where DST will assist unhoused people to recover illegally dumped material. 

If there was a hall of fame for scavengers, a member must be Jay Weschler of Philadelphia who is featured by the Recycling Archives.

Contact NCRA to learn more about ZWAC and get involved https://ncrarecycles.org/about/contact/

What’s New in 2022 for the CA Bottle Bill, 6/22

Watch the Recording!

This month will feature Susan Collins, President of the Container Recycling Institute, and Jeff Donlevy of Ming’s Recycling. Together they will give updates happening in their world and speak on the updates for the CA Bottle Bill.

Updates to discuss:

  • The effort to include wine and spirits containers
  • CalRecycle announcement last week about more money for redemption centers
  • The political interplay and competition between a flawed EPR bill, SB 54, and a ballot initiative pushed by Recology

The Recycling Archives will present readings from one of the pioneers of resource recovery. This month, Susan Kinsella, director of the Recycling Archives, will revisit Chicago’s Ken Dunn, an early adopter of community buyback centers who has reported recent and disturbing disruptions to his business.

Contact NCRA to learn more about ZWAC and get involved https://ncrarecycles.org/about/contact/

Reuse Business Models For A Zero Waste World, 5/22

Watch the Recording!

Guests: Amy Golan

Recycling Pioneer: Gary Liss

A Zero Waste revolution will require a Zero Waste economy with sustainable businesses. In this episode of the ZWAC show, the members discuss retail reusable goods with Amy Golan of Planet Renu.

The Recycling Archives featured Gary Liss founder of an exhaustive list of Zero Waste organizations and a key figure in defining Zero Waste internationally. 

Contact NCRA to learn more about ZWAC and get involved https://ncrarecycles.org/about/contact/

Call to Action Right to Repair in CA, 4/22

Watch the Recording!

Guests: Jenn Engstrom and Elizabeth Chamberlain

Recycling Pioneer: Warren Snow

Right to Repair is a movement that seeks to empower consumers with the ability to fix products themselves. It stands in opposition to the prevailing ‘design-for-landfill’ zeitgeist that makes repairing your own technology next to impossible. The ZWAC delves into the past, present, and future of this movement in California and illustrates how essential it is to the success of recycling. 

The committee interviews Jenn Engstrom, State Director of CALPIRG, and Elizabeth Chamberlain, Director of Sustainability for iFixit to introduce us to fascinating perspectives on the Right to Repair. 

The Recycling Archives featured the person most responsible for the first country-wide commitment to Zero Waste, New Zealand’s Warren Snow.

Contact NCRA to learn more about ZWAC and get involved https://ncrarecycles.org/about/contact/