Citizens Climate Lobby, 10/22

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Climate is one of our two pressing environmental crises – the other is the pandemic – and it has been long in need of advocacy against the climate deniers who control governments. Like the recycling pioneers, courage and diligence to curb the impacts of burning fossil fuels has been maintained by people of courage.

Our featured interview is with Ted Obbard of the Citizens Climate Lobby, Alameda County Chapter.

Ted will discuss their program and advocacy of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R.2307), other relevant initiatives, and the challenges yet to be faced with reversing climate change.

The Show will feature a new and exciting format change for the Archives.

We will hear excerpts from a number of recyclers’ interviews about Threats and Dangers they faced in their careers, ranging from physical threats to technical sabotage to economic injustices. Some of the stories are funny and others are distressing. All of them show that when recycling has called out courage and ingenuity in its organizers, they have responded impressively.

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