Zero Waste Sacramento & Yolo County Landfill & Compost Tour

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Join NCRA for a day of Zero Waste in the Sacramento area. This isn’t your typical landfill tour; it’s a journey of eco-friendly practices and community-driven initiatives.

The tour will review the comprehensive services Yolo County Landfill and Northern Recycling Composting Facility offer to manage waste responsibly and efficiently. We’ll see the Yolo composting system- CASP, In-Vessel Digester, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-waste collection, C&D, textiles, mattresses, tires and even liquid/septic waste management.

Next, we’ll head to the landfill’s gem, The Big Blue Barn, to explore the 5,000-square-foot thrift store and discover treasures waiting to be repurposed and reused.

After our tour, we’ll have a delicious lunch at a sustainable local eatery, with vegan and vegetarian options, providing an opportunity to recharge and network with like-minded individuals.

Our final stop for the day will be a private tour of Atrium 916 led by Shira Lane, its visionary founder. Atrium 916 is a Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability, engineering solutions that build a kind, creative and sustainable future for all beings. During our time with Shira, we’ll delve into the concept of Circular Economy and SB54 (Senate Bill 54), exploring how innovative approaches can shape a more sustainable future for our planet. This discussion will offer invaluable insights and inspiration for anyone interested in creating positive environmental change through business and innovation.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness the intersection of waste management, sustainability, and creativity firsthand!

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