Ten Steps to a Better Zoom Experience


___  Consider plugging into your modem via an Ethernet cable/DSL versus using wifi.
___  If possible, use a laptop or desktop computer. They generally provide a better experience and work better with Zoom than mobile devices.
___  Download/Update Zoom Client for Meetings. If you postpone, you will be prompted to update on login and miss out.
___  Test your audio and video via Zoom. It sets up a test meeting just for you to see and hear yourself.
___  Need help? Before the event day, contact the Office with Zoom as the subject and we can arrange a test session. (But first do as directed both above and below.)


___  Before joining, exit all applications – including web browsers, and turn your computer off and on again.
___  Virtual backgrounds may slow access. If you must use one, choose one that is not animated.
___ To see the slides and a speaker simultaneously, select Speaker View versus Gallery.
___ Using multiple screens may make it hard for Zoom to display slides and a speaker simultaneously. It may have something to do with your account type. (We don’t know why but hope someone will figure it out.)
___  Having problems during a session? Use the Private Chat function to contact the session a Zoom Co-Host.