SB 1383 Compost Procurement Updates, 4/23


Please join our ZWAC show on Tuesday, 4/11 where we will talk about updates on California’s SB 1383 organics procurement requirement and the implications that has on carbon sequestration as a tool for soil renewal and drawing carbon out of the atmosphere. Anyone in zero waste unfamiliar with carbon sequestration should attend.
In our Archives segment, we will celebrate this time of year and its theme of renewal across many religions, whether it be Passover, Easter, Ramadan, or the joy of the Goddess Demeter that her daughter Perspehone can join the planting season for 6 months. The archives will present some of the many stories of spirituality in zero waste, such as Will Bakx’ feelings towards the compost that he made. 
5:00 PM virtual social hour with snacks, cocktails, and stories
5:30 PM Show starts with Recycling Archives Segment
6:00 PM Interview with Ruth Abbe

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Climate Change Solutions for the Future, 10/21

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ZWAC talks with soil experts for climate change solutions

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