Zero Waste Week – Full Schedule and Details!

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Zero Waste Youth Convergence 5th Annual Conference, Sunday, 3/19/17 This event brings together high school and college students as well as young professionals in a full day dedicated to learning, visioning, organizing for Zero Waste and bringing this back to our schools and communities. Please check their WEBSITE for more details about last … Continue reading “Zero Waste Week – Full Schedule and Details!”

NCRA’s Zero Waste Week Tour: Resilience Climate Change Expedition

March 20, 2015 marked the second annual Resilience Climate Change Expedition, originally inspired by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project’s 2012 call to action. The Climate Reality project challenged individuals to conduct climate change expeditions within their own communities and Resilience, an action figure for Zero Waste, took up the charge. 

Waste Management Admits Failure At Recycling

So Waste Management Admits Failure At Recycling, But Who’s Really To Blame? A Critical Review of the Aaron Davis’ June 20 Washington Post Attack on Environmentalists and Real Recyclers – American Recycling Is Stalling And The Big Blue Bin Is One Reason Why By Daniel Knapp, CEO of Urban Ore, Inc., a Materials Recovery Facility … Continue reading “Waste Management Admits Failure At Recycling”

Graft in Awards of Solid Waste Franchises – How Shocking

MOORE’S MUSINGS A monthly feature, exclusive to NCRA News, from NCRA general counsel and Board member John Moore, concerning recent legal decisions relating in some manner to Zero Waste. GRAFT IN AWARDS OF SOLID WASTE FRANCHISES – HOW SHOCKING On May 30, 2014, the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, decided an interesting case … Continue reading “Graft in Awards of Solid Waste Franchises – How Shocking”