John Moore

John Moore, Member since 1992
I solicit your vote to return me to the NCRA Board. I served on the Board from 2007-2019. By then I needed a rest.

I formed the Zero Waste Advocacy Committee and have been its chair or co-chair for over 10 years. When the pandemic shut down in person conferences and tours, I started the monthly ZWAC Show podcast/webinar/zoom thing, highlighting the groundbreakers of Zero Waste practice and principles and pairing them with today’s entrepreneurs in resource recovery. Speakers on the show have discussed using ocean plastic litter as content for cannabis packaging, carbon sequestration which has the potential to reverse climate change, creating fungi tailored to remediate toxic waste products, engaging and training the unhoused to sort and recover mixed discards, and promoting the upcycling of food products that would otherwise be wasted. If you have enjoyed one of these shows, please vote for me.

I believe that NCRA should reach out to entrepreneurs in resource recovery because if you want a circular economy you first need to have an economy. I have done much work for NCRA over the last 30 years as a Board Member and general legal counsel. I have renewed energy to rejoin the Board. I also hosted the Green Drinks afterparty for Recycling Update for many years. If you attended one, I likely bought you a drink.