Lori Marra

Lori Marra, Member since 2006
I previously served on the 2019 NCRA Board and on the Elections Committee for years. I would like to serve on the Board again to find different ways to tackle environmental problems. There are so many options to focus on—finding ways to reduce food waste, single-use disposable plastics, supporting legislation, and striving to remove every speck of organics from the garbage. It’s a big, never-ending job. From advocacy to Zero Waste, everyone can make a difference and we have to find ways to engage more people.

For 15 years, I’ve worked in Fremont on residential, commercial, multi-family and construction debris programs. Currently, I am the Vice-President of our employee union, representing 200 people. I’ve organized large and small events, created outreach and conducted training. To me, nothing beats talking to people face to face, to meet them where they are, and look for any way to improve. I love it when I get tips on how I can become a better environmentalist, and a better person.

I want to work with innovative people who have great ideas and a passion for the environment. I would be honored to join the board and lend my support to the amazing work of the NCRA board.