Sally Houghton

Sally Houghton, Member since 2016

Plastic Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC) staff have been NCRA members for several decades; as the new Executive Director, I want to continue the legacy of involvement with NCRA. I am Sally Houghton and I have attended events and spoken at NCRA conferences where I feel energized by the community and the passion for sustainability. I have a deep commitment for waste reduction and renewable resources. My role at PRCC is to make the circular economy for PET plastic a reality.
I believe that my experience managing one of the oldest producer responsibility organizations in the country, will help NCRA navigate some different aspects of the environmental community and facilitate more collaboration.

Working in materials management provides me the opportunity to work across the entire value chain of PET recycling, in circularity from production to collection.
NCRA has many areas of focus, including tackling food waste & organics, single-use plastics, and supporting best public policy. I believe that working within the industry and with innovative leaders we can tackle issues and create the best sustainable practices that make economic and environmental sense.

My primary work focus is California, but I have had the good fortune to represent PRCC at several global forums, including the China National Resources Recycling Association, Waste Expo and I am on the Plastic’s Committee of the Bureau of International Recycling.
I would feel privileged to be a board member of this pioneering organization and to help facilitate and direct greater circular sustainability and waste reduction.