Election 2023 – Nominate Yourself To Serve On The NCRA Board!

NCRA has been a Recycling and Zero Waste trailblazer since 1978! You can help develop the cutting edge by applying to serve on our 11-person Board of Directors! Six positions will be open this January. Three members are stepping down.

We are seeking candidates that are familiar with NCRA and have actively participated in a committee and/or attended at least one board meeting in the last 12 months.

The deadline is October 1. Candidate statements will be posted on the website and in the mid-October newsletter. Ballots will be sent out to current members November 15. Results will be announced in December – first to the candidates and then via the December newsletter.

For more details, please visit the Elections page.

2023 Election Announcement


The 2023 Board Election will be held November 15 – 29. The self-nomination period opens September 1. Candidate Statements will be posted on the website and in newsletter in mid October, and individual ballots will be sent out November 15 to current members. Results will be announced – first to the candidates and then via the December newsletter.

For additional details, please visit the Elections page.

Randy Russell

Randy Russell, Member since 2012

After a decade as a NCRA member, I feel that it’s time for me to step up my involvement, deepen my commitment, and run for the Board! I am Randy Russell and as a Zero Waste consultant and contractor in the Bay Area for 10+ years, I’ve been fortunate in providing sustainable materials management services to a variety of public agencies and private businesses:

• CalRecycle’s waste tire management program, market analysis and outreach
• Architect firms with continuing education on recycled-content building projects
• Leading or supporting residential and commercial waste characterization projects in CA, MN, and WA
• StopWaste with waste minimization grants assistance
• Several cities with AB941, AB1826, and now SB1383 rollout
• Local C&D debris management ordinance development
• Third-party verification of recovery performance at C&D debris recovery facilities

My run for the Board isn’t just about the value that I think I could bring to the table, it’s also about the value that I receive from NCRA: strengthening relationships with friends and colleagues in the industry, reinvigoration towards our common goals, education and awareness of policy, industry practices, and current events. One of the proudest accomplishments in my adult life was in service to NCRA with the support to make a Prop 67 campaign video as well as serve as a member of the NCRA Players. If elected, I will bring enthusiasm, creativity, and a collaborative spirit! Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Jessica Jane Robinson, Incumbent

Jessica Jane Robinson, Incumbent, Member since 2012
I’ve been an NCRA member since 2012, serving as Vice President (4yrs), Treasurer (4yrs). Now serving as President, I would like to honor my mentors and past leaders of NCRA’s legacies while contributing my unique experiences, passions, and insight as an environmental advocate and community leader. My goal is to lead with my strengths and support the board and committees so they can shine in areas of their excellence while we can continue the history of helping pave the way for zero-waste. One passion I want to bring to my legacy as NCRA’s President will be to continue to engage youth in becoming leaders in waste reduction and sustainability and inspire them to become ZWUSA and NCRA members and leaders of the future.

Past accomplishments:
Spoke at the UN and represented as NCRA VP in 2019
NCRA was a sponsor for Earth Day SF 2019; our logo was on Muni buses when my superhero alias, Resilience, emcee.
ABC Channel 7 interviewed me as NCRA Vice President about Zero Waste in the Bay Area.
As Treasurer, I helped organize NCRA’s finances.
I advised NCRA to become the first sponsor of Girls Inc of the Island City’s youth’s annual Ethical Fashion Show.

Committees Served: Zero Waste Schools, Social Media, Executive Committee, Finance Committee

I hope to serve another term.

Lori Marra

Lori Marra, Member since 2006
I previously served on the 2019 NCRA Board and on the Elections Committee for years. I would like to serve on the Board again to find different ways to tackle environmental problems. There are so many options to focus on—finding ways to reduce food waste, single-use disposable plastics, supporting legislation, and striving to remove every speck of organics from the garbage. It’s a big, never-ending job. From advocacy to Zero Waste, everyone can make a difference and we have to find ways to engage more people.

For 15 years, I’ve worked in Fremont on residential, commercial, multi-family and construction debris programs. Currently, I am the Vice-President of our employee union, representing 200 people. I’ve organized large and small events, created outreach and conducted training. To me, nothing beats talking to people face to face, to meet them where they are, and look for any way to improve. I love it when I get tips on how I can become a better environmentalist, and a better person.

I want to work with innovative people who have great ideas and a passion for the environment. I would be honored to join the board and lend my support to the amazing work of the NCRA board.