Membership Benefits for Groups

NCRA membership is seen by many individuals and their employers, as providing invaluable industry resources, fun and interesting networking opportunities and professional training. Also, involvement in committees is well worth the time and effort invested, developing leadership skills as well as getting to work with professionals from around the region.

In addition, many think that our annual one-day Recycling Update (RU) is the best recycling conference in the country. The associated Zero Waste Week is an added benefit including the Zero Waste Youth Convergence, a variety of well planned tours, and events and training provided by associated groups.

NCRA only has individual memberships. Many employers choose to provide these memberships and find it easier to manage them as a group instead of one at a time. Yet this process is often awkward and time consuming for our part-time staff. In addition, sponsorship is an additional opportunity that complicates the process.

Fortunately, RU registration is a prime motivator for straightening out each group’s memberships lists, adding new hires and deleting those that have moved on.

For additional information, contact the office.