Jessica Jane Robinson, Incumbent

Jessica Jane Robinson, Incumbent, Member since 2012
I’ve been an NCRA member since 2012, serving as Vice President (4yrs), Treasurer (4yrs). Now serving as President, I would like to honor my mentors and past leaders of NCRA’s legacies while contributing my unique experiences, passions, and insight as an environmental advocate and community leader. My goal is to lead with my strengths and support the board and committees so they can shine in areas of their excellence while we can continue the history of helping pave the way for zero-waste. One passion I want to bring to my legacy as NCRA’s President will be to continue to engage youth in becoming leaders in waste reduction and sustainability and inspire them to become ZWUSA and NCRA members and leaders of the future.

Past accomplishments:
Spoke at the UN and represented as NCRA VP in 2019
NCRA was a sponsor for Earth Day SF 2019; our logo was on Muni buses when my superhero alias, Resilience, emcee.
ABC Channel 7 interviewed me as NCRA Vice President about Zero Waste in the Bay Area.
As Treasurer, I helped organize NCRA’s finances.
I advised NCRA to become the first sponsor of Girls Inc of the Island City’s youth’s annual Ethical Fashion Show.

Committees Served: Zero Waste Schools, Social Media, Executive Committee, Finance Committee

I hope to serve another term.