2016 Election Results

Congratulations, Jessica Connoly, Alexandra Hoffman, David Krueger and John Moore for being reelected to the NCRA Board and welcome Tim Dewey-Mattia!!!

The NCRA Board of Directors had five seats open and five candidates.  The Elections Committee (Mary Lou Van Deventer and Lori Marra, with assistance from Juliana Gerber) began the process in November by identifying the due dates and deadlines per the bylaws.

All bylaws deadlines were met and the protocols were followed.  All candidates submitted statements timely, and the election was conducted electronically using the SimplyVoting website.  The cost was $200.

Members had ten days to vote.  All members in good standing as of the record date, midnight January 10, received electronic ballots on January 11. “Good standing” meant that dues were fully paid and in NCRA’s hands, not just in the mail.  Members who hadn’t yet voted received up to four reminders before the election ended at midnight January 20.

There were 178 eligible voters, and 79 voted, for a turnout of 44.4%. That was down from 63.4% in 2015.  In 2015 there were more candidates than openings, and the competition may have motivated more voters to cast ballots.  The results were certified by SimplyVoting.

New Directors were announced at the January 21 members’ meeting. Their two-year terms officially begin in February.

Thank you, Directors, for stepping up to lead NCRA in 2016.  This should be a banner year for the Zero Waste movement of which NCRA is part.