NCRA Has A New Face!

Welcome to the new face of the Northern California Recycling Association!

We have spent many hours developing a logo that represents the identity of our membership and movement. On the road to Zero Waste, we are focused on the benefits and unique challenges of resource management in the Bay Area and beyond.

NCRA has been a leader for 38 years, with deep roots in the environmental movement and a vibrant spirit, and our new look represents that! We invite you to utilize our web site as a top resource to find articles, information, and opportunities promoting the big “R” of recycling which includes reducing, re-using, refurbishing, repurposing and re-imagining!

Bright, well-connected, relevant, modern, and motivated, we are NCRA!

HUGE thanks to: Iberia Zafira for her inspired and dedicated work on several iterations of the new logo; Chris Sparnicht for his skilled finessing and fine-tuning, and design of the beautiful new theme for website; Portia Sinnott for her many years of technical assistance and passionate design vision; and Juliana Gerber for bringing the 2-year logo revision process to finalization.