Alina Bekkerman, Incumbent

Alina Bekkerman, Incumbent, Member since 2017
I have been a member of the NCRA board since 2017, and as the newest Board Secretary, I supported the development of the newly formed Executive Committee and updated a number of our documentation procedures. I am excited to create opportunities for sharing information about all the great work the NCRA board accomplishes annually.

The DEI committee has been an important element of the organization’s shifting paradigm. As the former Co-chair and current member of this committee, we’ve made great progress in the last three years and we know there is more ahead. I look forward to organizing more in-person and online events, as MEAC Chair, to connect and engage our members locally and nationally through our common goal of a world without waste.

Over the past two years, NCRA has organized an array of events and online content. I have been lucky to not only take part in but also help organize DEI Salons, RU 2020 and 2021, NCRA Schools Webinars, the most recent NCRA Members Picnic, our upcoming Fall Board & Members Meeting, and much more!

This thriving organization has so much to offer the recycling and waste prevention community and I would like to continue to represent the NCRA board through the next two years. It would be an honor to have your support in my candidacy for the next NCRA term.