Clean Seas Lobbying Coalition 2020

NCRA is a new member of the Clean Seas Lobbying Coalition. This group of very interesting non-profit organizations is dedicated to source reduction solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.

The 5 Gyres Institute (Los Angeles)
Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Education (COARE) (Oakland)
Heal the Bay (Santa Monica)
Northern California Recycling Association (Berkeley)
Plastic Oceans International
Plastic Pollution Coalition
Save Our Shores (Monterey)
Seventh Generation Advisors (Santa Monica)
UPSTREAM (San Francisco)
Wishtoyo Chumash Foundation (Ventura)
Zero Waste USA (Sebastopol)

Previous members include The Story of Stuff Project and Surfrider Foundation

The Coalition contracts with Ecoconsult to provide lobbying services. Justin Malan, the principal and founder has more than 25 of experience in Sacramento as a legislative and agency consultant, as well as independent advocate. Our primary contact is Genevieve Abedon who has been with Ecoconsult since January 2017. Before joining, Genevieve worked on both statewide and local plastic pollution policy and campaigning for Californians Against Waste. In the past she has worked as a Landfill Reduction Technician at various events and sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean studying microplastic pollution with The 5 Gyres Institute.

Ecoconsult’s preferred modus operandi is collaboration. They secure meaningful results for clients by working closely with their existing strategic partners and by building foundations for future coalitions and partnerships. They have a successful record of getting sponsored bills signed into law.  But the work doesn’t stop there – they also use their extensive regulatory and program management experience to ensure that the state effectively and efficiently implements their clients’ legislation.

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