Board Of Directors Candidate Statements, 2016

Prepared by Juliana Gerber, Administrative Coordinator

The following candidates have submitted ballot statements to serve on the 2016 NCRA Board of Directors. Voting is open from Jan 11 – Jan 20 and the election results will be announced at the Annual Members Meeting held Jan 21 at 6pm at StopWaste’s headquarters in Oakland. The link to voting will be emailed to members on Jan 11. If you did not receive our email but believe you should have (i.e. your membership is current as of Jan 11, 2016), please EMAIL US and we can email the link again.

CANDIDATES 2016: Jessica Connolly, Tim Dewey-Mattia, Alexandra Hoffman, David Krueger, John Moore

Jessica Connolly

I have had the pleasure to serve on the NCRA Board since 2012 – where I co-chair the Membership committee – and have been an active NCRA member since 2009.

If re-elected, I hope to continue working on the membership committee, collaborating with students and young professionals to be involved with NCRA. I envision this coming to fruition through developing a mentorship program with industry professionals, creating professional connections and relationships with people new to the industry. I also serve on the ZWY USA planning committee for the ZWYC, acting as the co-chair for the 2014 and 2015 event, and serve as the liaison between NCRA and ZWY USA.

Since joining this field in 2009, I have become a devoted professional who fervently works to improve recycling and composting programs at multifamily dwellings with Marin Sanitary Service. Outside of work, I am an advocate for eliminating single-use disposables (especially plastics), and encourage natural resource conservation through practicing the first three Rs (REFUSE, REDUCE, and REUSE).

Please consider my candidacy to continue serving on the NCRA Board.

Tim Dewey-Mattia

I’m the Recycling & Public Education Manager for Napa Recycling & Waste Services.  Napa Recycling is the local franchise hauler in Napa, as well as the operator of Napa’s Recycling & Composting Facility.

I got my start in Zero Waste almost 20 years ago – previously with my college recycling program, and then for non-profit recycling organizations in San Francisco.  I’ve been at Napa Recycling for 10 years and work on all aspects of program development, implementation and outreach…plus I talk about chickens at Recycling Update.

NCRA and our members are Zero Waste pioneers, and I’d be honored to help carry that forward. We really are the leading edge  – as a Board member, I’ll help push the envelope on critical Zero Waste topics, like advocating for more organics infrastructure, updating MRFs to reduce residuals and find solutions for problem materials, increasing outreach and participation in the multi-family and commercial sectors, and pushing for more recognition and funding for waste reduction, reuse, composting and recycling as powerful tools to fight climate change.

We are a collaborative, exciting, and down-to-earth bunch, and I’d be pleased to serve on the Board.

Alexandra Hoffman

I have been involved in Zero Waste for over 7 years, making an impact in industries that include resource management, e-waste and textile recycling. My skills include: contract & project management, event planning, permitting, grant/proposal writing, marketing, waste audits, public speaking, educational outreach and financial planning.

I have been on the Zero Waste Advocacy Committee for the last year and in June was elected to fill a vacancy on the NCRA board for 6 months.  My tenure has been wonderful, and I hope to be given the opportunity to continue to serve.

The growing problem that waste and consumerism present to our planet must be solved. Through my involvement in NCRA I am a part of that solution. If elected for a full term I will concentrate my efforts on assisting with financial management, grant research and writing, outreach to engage the membership with particular focus on youth involvement, and continued efforts in tracking and advocating for legislation that promotes Zero Waste. It would be an honor and privilege to serve on the board. I humbly ask for your vote that I may continue to contribute to this great grassroots organization as I have so much more to give!


David Krueger

Recycling has been my passion and my profession for over 25 years.  I’ve been fortunate to experience the recycling industry from many different perspectives:  volunteer college recycling coordinator, municipal recycling manager, private MRF operator, and consultant.  I believe this variety of experience would assist me in representing NCRA’s diverse membership.  I’ve also had the privilege of serving on the CRRA Board of Directors and the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board, and can bring what I’ve learned from working with those organizations to the NCRA Board.

I’m a long-time NCRA member and share NCRA’s vision of Zero Waste.  I want to contribute to NCRA as a respected, professional, dynamic, inclusive, cutting edge, visionary, open-minded, forward -thinking, positive organization advocating effectively for change in California and beyond.    Areas where I’d most like to contribute include increasing membership and advocating for Zero Waste legislation at the State level. I have been serving as an interim member of the NCRA Board since May 2015, and I would be honored to be allowed to continue in a full term.  I respectfully ask for your vote.


John Moore

I have served on the Board for the past 8 years and consider it an honor to do so. With the urgency of climate change and its focus on greenhouse gas emissions,  the NCRA Zero Waste mission is more relevant than ever.

California has always assumed leadership in preserving the environment and has opportunity again to lead  by banning methane-producing organic materials from landfill disposal and emphasizing recovery of those materials both through helping feed the hungry and the production of carbon-positive compost. I would like to see NCRA at the forefront of the movement to prevent waste of edible food, building on California’s first and only food waste forum in 2014. And I would like to see a silver dagger put into the cold heart of wasting recoverable materials by burn and bury. Please vote to re-elect me to the NCRA Board.