DEI Salon: Equity Scans, 2/22

NCRA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Webinar
Wednesday, February, 22, 12-1:30pm Zoom

What Are They? How Are They Used?

Introducing the San Francisco Environment Department (SFE)
Racial Equity Program and Policy Scan


Freddy Coronado
SFE Residential Zero Waste Specialist
and NCRA Board Member

Anne Wong
SFE City Government
Zero Waste Assistant Coordinator

When trying to anticipate the impacts of new programs or practices, many organizations struggle to identify the correct lens in which to understand how proposed changes may impact equity within the communities they serve. The San Francisco Environment Department has developed a new tool to analyze the equity impacts of proposed policies or programs, known as a “Racial Equity Program and Policy Scan.” Join the NCRA DEI Committee to learn more about this tool, why you should strive for equity, how it is used, and practice performing an equity scan yourself. Register