BRILLIANT Ban the Bag Music Video produced by NCRA

Hot from the studio, and directly to you, NCRAs Ban the Bag Music Video, featuring the BAG MONSTER!

Ban the Bag Video!

Plastic bags pose a deadly threat to marine wildlife, clutter our landscapes, pollute our oceans, and damage recycling equipment. That’s why California passed a statewide law in 2014 to phase out single-use grocery bags, with broad public support. A YES vote on Proposition 67 will keep this law in place and ensure that it is implemented statewide. A YES vote will continue to move California beyond the waste, costs, and threats to wildlife and the environment caused by single-use plastic grocery bags.

Huge thanks to these amazing folks:

Executive Producer: Randy Russell, Northern California Recycling Association
Editor: Mike Noyes, Drunk Justice Productions
Music Producer: DJ Moonbeam
Vocals: James D’Albora, Gino Pastoring, Jewel Love
Musicians: Michael Golden (guitar), Eric Hart (bass)
Sound Engineer: Galen Silvestri (United Roots Studios, Oakland, CA)

Thank you to Race to Zero Waste also! And last but not least, thank you to Laura McKaughan the BAG MONSTER!