NCRA Players Debut A Special Update

By Shana L. McCracken, NCRA Players Lead Singer
Attendees of this year’s Recycling Update were treated to a performance by the NCRA Players of an upcycled version of the Landfill Song. Sung to the tune of Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Downtown” with industry-appropriate lyrics by Shana McCracken, the Landfill Song first debuted at Recycling Update over a decade ago. Former President and illustrious instructor of Recycling 101, Arthur Boone requested a reprise of the song with some Zero Waste twists.

NCRA Players have been entertaining attendees of the NCRA and CRRA conferences for more than 15 years now. Show themes have included Casablanca, Westside Story (aka “Waste-side Story”), Recycled Grease and most recently Cabaret – to name only a few. This year’s show is in the works. If you have theme ideas, song suggestions or would like to join the 2016 cast, please contact Ruth Abbe at

For those of you who missed the Update or didn’t catch all of the words, we’ve reprinted the complete 2016 lyrics: