America Recycles Day Proposal

Proposed by Portia Sinnott, MS+/NCRA/GRRN/ZWUSA/ZWBT, 1/14/16
In 2015 28 American Recycles Day (ARD) events were listed in California and less than half were in Northern California. I propose NCRA help double the number of California ARD events by promoting participation during Zero Waste Week and at Recycling Update.

In some cases it may be just a matter of scheduling already existing events. For example, the Oakland Recreate Art Contest could be tweeked to be an ARD event. Let’s also invite the local KAB folks to take part in RU. We already have a few contacts at Keep California Beautiful. The KCB website lists NCRA members Michael Westerfield of DART as the VP and Evan Edgar as the Treasurer!

I disagree with those who do not support ARD because they dislike KAB politics and sponsors. (Some call them one of the first greenwashing corporate fronts.) I believe in supporting efforts that educate the public on urgent issues of the day. Yes, there is a fine green line that we need to continuously monitor, yet collaboration with the people you don’t always agree with is one way to heal the rift. Some people call it missionary work! Read more… America Recycles Day

To tickle your interest, below is a 2015 ARD NCRA News story, Matadors In Recycleland – with photos, written on my request by a student at CSUN. (Will be posted soon.)