Board Meeting Agenda, 11/20/14


Board of Directors Meeting, 11/20/14

5:30pm Food served
6:30pm Meeting called to order, all presumed to be present
6:32pm Approval of Minutes (McKaughan)
6:34pm Approval of Agenda (McKaughan)
6:40pm Report by Committee: (15-20 mins each)

  1. Zero Waste Advocacy (Brooms/Boone to report)
    • Report out from ZWAC Committee mtg on Wed Nov 12
    • Compost outreach in apts (Brooms)
  2. Food Recovery outreach in Berkeley/Oakland (Moore)
    Activities (Figueiredo, Chair Substitute while we find replacement)

    • Debrief from ZFWF & Feeding 5K: venue, food, speakers, topic, should NCRA host ZFWF again?
    • RU & NZWW: Coordinator for RU? Confirm date/location? What other activities/committees?
    • RU at 20 – how do we capitalize on this? Also how to decide how much we should charge?
    • Call for speakers for CRRA – mini-RU again?
  3. Update on Race to Zero (McKaughan)
    Membership (Connolly, Shapira)

    • Debrief Green Festival booth – effective at outreach for new members? What should we do differently if anything?

Annual members mtg in Jan – ideas for how to attract new members and engage current membership?
Newsletter Committee (Sinnott)
7:55pm Treasurer’s Report (Robinson/Sinnott)

  • Status of 2014 Budget
  • Update on finances & taxes for 2013 & 2012

Are we up to date on issuing reimbursements and donations?
8:15pm Actions Requiring Expenditures

  • NCRA getting a loan to take it to the next level? (McKaughan)
  • Request to donate to CAW for bag ban fight?

Payment for Sinnott for accounting support (Sinnott)
8:30pm Actions Requiring Discussion/Policy Decisions:

Having meetings at the David Brower center? (McKaughan)
8:35pm Administrative Activity:

  • Update on new website roll-out (Sinnott)
  • Update on elections – board members need to submit ballot statements

Status of hiring new Admin Coordinator – discussion about role of Admin Coordinator (McKaughan)