Introduction To Recycling (ITR)

AR Boone ITR 2011Sign-up today for the June 2015 ITR. Details can be found HERE!

For the past 20 years, NCRA has offered a three-day course called Introduction to Recycling (ITR) twice per year. Introduction to Recycling is a quintessential exploration of the history of the recycling and zero waste movement and offers newcomers and more seasoned professionals alike a critical  overview of concepts, practices and terminology prevalent in the industry.  The rapid growth of the recycling industry (550% since 1989; CIWMB estimate) means that experienced recyclers like those in the NCRA community continually need to share their knowledge with those newer to the industry so that they may move forward into responsible positions.

ITR is an independent learning course led by Arthur Boone and guest lecturers to help train people who would like an basic overview of recycling through an inexpensive  short course at a convenient location. Arthur Boone, President of the Center for Recycling Research, has been involved in the recycling movement in the Bay Area since 1983 when he first began a recycling program in Oakland, CA. He has served as President of NCRA in 19 xx and from xxxx to 2012, and currently serves as the chair of the Zero Waste Advocacy Committee.

Most of the classroom day will be spent listening to guest speakers and completing exercises designed to enhance the basic concepts in the field. Registrants will be advised to consult the book, “Introduction to Recycling” which is written by our very own instructor, Arthur Boone.