Team Confirmations

Thank you to the small group that tested the process below last month. I am happy to say it was well received and no fixes were required. Questions welcome via the Contact Form.

Recycling Update 24 has launched. We are anticipating team registrations. But first, we need to make sure each team roster is accurate. This may seem a bit tedious, but it will save us all quite a bit of back and forth.

1) LOG-IN: Please log into the Membership System as directed in the companion email – Please Update Your Member Data. (All members will be sent this email as well.)

2) ROSTER: Using the private link provided access the Directory and enter your organization name. Your team roster will display. (For privacy purposes it is limited to business info.)

3) CORRECT: Those whose listing is correct and will be attending RU can now register without paying by selecting pay by check. No code is needed and we will update from our end.

Those covered by sponsorships, should select M. Sponsorships and enter the code provided in the email we sent. It is ok to preregister.

If you do not want membership included, select from the N. Teams w/o Membership options – near the bottom and enter the code provided in the email we sent.

4) PAYMENTS: We prefer self registrations and online payments. Custom invoices are available for groups of 4 or more or in cases where checks are required. Our 2024 W-9 is attached to each invoice.

For those paying via check, team members should register themselves and click through without paying the invoice that is created. A record is created and we can finalize it.

5) INCORRECT: For incorrect listings, please have each individual log-in to correct their account before registering for RU.

When that is not applicable, please send us a Contact Form note with just the listings needing correction:

For example: M.S. has moved on. Her email address is now …. (Since memberships continue until expired, it really helps us to receive a functional email when the organizational one expires. You can also ask them to contact us directly.)

Please do not send your team roster to reconcile. It is like looking for needles in a haystack.

We will send you an email confirming corrections. If anything is unclear we will request a phone appointment.

Thank you,

The NCRA Admin Team