World Food Day Webinar on SB 1383 and Edible Food Measurement

In Honor of World Food Day
NCRA’s Zero Food Waste Committee and Zero Waste USA present
a SB 1383 Webinar on



Webinar Handouts:
CalRecycle’s SB 1383 & Edible Food Measurement NCRA Webinar (pdf) and
NCRA’s Commercial Food Waste Reduction in Alameda County Report – 2017

Curious about SB1383’s edible food requirements?
NCRA and Zero Waste USA are offering a free webinar with Martine Boswell of CalRecycle who gave this talk at CRRA this summer.

In addition, there will be a short presentation on the NCRA Commercial Food Waste Reduction in Alameda County project, a great model that can be easily replicated in other California communities.

Curious about California’s SB1383’s edible food requirements? California’s short-lived climate pollutant law – SB 1383, requires that 20% of currently disposed edible food be recovered for human consumption by 2025. But how do we know how much edible food is in the waste stream? In this presentation, Martine Boswell of CalRecycle will discuss CalRecycle’s efforts to measure the amount of edible food in California’s disposed waste stream as well as provide an overview of the draft SB 1383 edible food recovery regulations. She will describe what CalRecycle has done to measure disposed food waste and how you can use that information to help your program comply with this new law. There will be plenty of time for questions.

Presenter: Martine Boswell is an Environmental Scientist in CalRecycle’s Statewide Technical and Analytical Resources Branch. She serves as CalRecycle’s technical advisor on food waste, and provides scientific analyses on California’s food system and climate change. Martine is also highly engaged in statewide efforts to mamage safe surplus food donation in California, and is a member of the CalRecycle team tasked with developing the edible food recovery regulations. She received her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from the University of California Santa Cruz and her master’s in environmental studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

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