Zero Waste Advocacy Committee Mission

The Zero Waste Advocacy Committee (ZWAC) is NCRA’s action arm to strive towards zero waste. We encourage communities to incorporate waste reduction, reuse, recycling, salvaging, and composting as the principle parts of their discard management systems. We advocate long-range policies that facilitate these practices. We try to rock the boat NCRA style.

ZWAC Objectives

  • Track legislation, primarily California State Senate and Assembly Bills, pertinent to recycling and discards management.
  • Assess, formulate and recommend policy positions on key California Legislature Bills.
    Write letters to governing agencies to express support or opposition on matters of concern.
  • Join or bring legal action if warranted.
  • Collaborate with California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA), Californians Against Waste (CAW), and other such organizations on common policy interests.
  • Be on alert for local community waste and recycling matters or important legal issues deserving of attention.
  • Expand campaigning and outreach for the NCRA positions.

Zero Waste Advocacy – Help Wanted

We invite NCRA members to join the ZWAC committee and take part in pursuing our Objectives. There are various State Bills and always some local issues deserving of attention. If you would like to attend any monthly meetings, to volunteer helping with important matters you care most about, or just wish to stay informed, please send us a note via the contact page. Your help and/or interest will be appreciated.