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Is it Greenwashing? With Sana Packaging. Ron Basak-Smith joins ZWAC for Q&A about their sustainable cannabis packaging designed for a circular economy
Recycling Archives reading of California’s true recycling founders, Rick Anthony of Zero Waste San Diego, and interview with Joanne Rodriguez, founder and CEO of Mycocyle of Bolingbrook, Illinois.
ZWAC talks soil health for climate change solutions with Jonathan DeLong – REAP Center, Anne Freiwald – Bay Area Green Tours, and Kourtnii Brown – Common Compost
ZWAC discusses SB38 & AB1454 with Jeff Donlevy from CalRecycle
ZWAC talks with Cynthia Chandler, Bay Area Legal Incubator Director
ZWAC talks with Zero Waste entrepreneurs
ZWAC talks with Lori Mendez of the Save the Albatross Coalition, Brenda Platt of the Institute for Local Self Reliance, Monica Wilson of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
ZWAC talks with Susan Collins of the Container Recycling Institute, Richard Valle of Tri-Ced, Adolfo Ramirez of BC Recycling Inc of Visalia, Dr. Dan Knapp, of Urban Ore Inc