MoveOn Petition To Safeway

MoveOn Petition To Safeway:  Stop The Closure Of SF Supermarket-Based Recycling Centers!

San Franciscans have a right to redeem their bottles and cans for the California Redemption Value they pay at the store. Without the recycling centers that Safeway hosts, San Franciscans will lose a convenient way to get their money back. Click here to sign petition: MoveOn

CalRecycle/SWANA Workshop, 10/9

CalRecycle/SWANA High Diversion & Compensation Workshop, 10/9

The SWANA Gold Rush Chapter is co-sponsoring CalRecycle “High Diversion & Compensation” workshop on October 9th in Oakland. This FREE workshop is designed to help you avoid the rate “death spiral” by understanding the relationship between changes in customer subscription levels, collection and processing costs, agency fees and customer rates. You will hear case studies from other communities and get practical information that you can use in rate setting and in managing your solid waste programs and contracts. SWANA Continuing Education Units will be available for participants in the workshop. To register, email Kim Erwin at

October 9, 2013 – 9 am to 1pm    Flyer
Elihu M. Harris Building, Room 2
1515 Clay Street, Oakland, CA 94612

From the CalRecycle website: To achieve AB 341’s 75% goal, new models for local funding of materials management activities (such as recycling and composting) will likely be necessary to sustain these activities into the future, independent of landfill disposal fees. CalRecycle is exploring new models of funding mechanism(s) for such activities and will co-sponsor three FREE workshops by HF&H Consultants. These workshops will focus on funding interactions at the collection and post-collection levels and how different approaches might impact service providers (public and private) and various regulatory agencies (State, County, City/District). They are designed to provide City and County official/staff with information about managing rates related to collection, processing, and disposal of discarded material, and insights into managing solid waste and recycling rates in the face of evolving programs and ever-increasing diversion goals. The workshops will include dynamic presentations, interactive rate models and tools, and real world case studies. MSW and Recycling Coordinator, City Manager, County Administrator, Finance Director, and/or Public Works Director who manages a rate structure/increase are highly encouraged to attend this workshop.

Member Appreciation Picnic A Success!

NCRA Picnic CroquetNCRA took advantage of September 9’s particularly warm weather to host its annual Members Picnic at Lake Temescal in North Oakland, The gathering featured a BBQ spread, iced beverages and a little bocce ball and croquet. The event was well attended and successful in getting the word out. The food was awesome, the waste was minimal and the weather participated (albeit a bit hot).A sincere thank you to all that made it out. Great job Membership Committee – Jessica Connolly, Tomer Shapira and Lori Marra. Thanks to Jessica for the cool poster, to Portia Sinnott and Diedre Tubb helping with the promotions, and to Lori, Diedre and Jenny Cutter for game supportDid you take photos? Please send them to and we will add them to the gallery below. So far we have 4.Our next gathering of this nature will be the holiday party in December. Stay tuned!Jeff and Betsy?Wide ShotLaura and Randy



Member Interview – Jessica Robinson, 09/13

As Miss Alameda, I am a self employed public figure, environmental advocate and artist. I hope to turn the Miss Alameda Says Compost project into a broader based non-profit later this year. We help cities, organizations, and communities reach their diversion goals through social and cultural change activities. An actress, singer, dancer and model, I find innovative ways to apply these skills in the environmental movement. The creator of the superhero Resilience, formerly known as Recycle Woman, I use this figure to demonstrate and inspire people to work toward everyday actions that will alleviate some of our environmental emergencies. She is a superhero with powers that everyday people can relate to, which will help guide people to make changes that help support both the environmental movement, as well as social justice. I am in the process in developing a television show about Resilience.

A University of San Francisco graduate, I majored in Performing Arts and Social Justice and minored in Dance. I am a trained dancer: ballet, hip hop, Bollywood, jazz, modern, and tap. I also represented the City of Alameda in the Miss California, USA pageant from 2009-2011, and have been known as “Miss Alameda” ever since.

Activities/Interests Outside of Work: I love going to dance classes. I also enjoy long runs – usually 5-6 miles, and early morning boot camp classes. I meditate every day, and take courses to improve my practice and help with spiritual enlightenment and bliss. I am inspired by the people who make up our environment – humanity at large, and the people who want to help repair the environment and make a difference. Women figures, including Princess Diana, Oprah, and Mother Teresa all inspire me, and encourage me to follow in their footsteps. Strong women figures in my life help mold me and push me toward my personal growth.

What Would People Be Surprised To Know?: My father, George Robinson, was considered a Bay Area Reggae legend, and was the leader of George & the Wonders. My mother, Pamela Proctor (aka Daughter West) helped bring Reggae to the US from Jamaica, including acclaimed musicians such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Jimmy Cliff.

If You Could Vacation Anywhere In The World Where Would You Go?: I can’t pick any particular place because I want to travel everywhere, and see everything. I wouldn’t just be able to go to one place for a short period of time.

Book: Fidelity, by Thich Nhat Hanh, Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Daddy Long Legs, by Jean Webster
Meal: Pani Puri (Semolina flour on the outside, with potatoes, peas, and curry spices on the inside), served with sweet chutney (tamarind, and mango flavors) and spicy chutney (cilantro flavor).
Recycled Product: My reusable woven bag made out of single-use disposable plastic bags.
Song, Movie Or Show: Could You Be Loved, by Bob Marley; Limelight, starring Charlie Chaplin, The Red Shoes, and American in Paris; Sex in the City, The Office, and House of Cards
Time Management Technique: Write a list of everything I need to do on a daily basis and check off the items as I complete them. I carry a planner and take notes inside of that.
If You Could Invite Any Three People To Dinner – Dead Or Alive—Who Would You Invite And Why?: I would invite Queen Nefertiti because she is my favorite queen, Princess Diana because I adore her and Einstein so that I could talk to him about the Theory of Relativity and time travel.

ZWW Sponsors 2013

Thanks to our 2013 Sponsors:
Gold – CRRA, GRRN, Urban Ore, Waste Management of Alameda County and the NCRA Membership.
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