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The Nature of Materials - Part 1, Fall 2012

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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2012, USEPA, SAN FRANCISCO 9am - 4:45pm, 75 Hawthorne Street between 2nd and 3rd and Howard and Folsom, south of Montgomery BART Station. Come 10 minutes early for security check. $55, payable in advance via NCRA website. Scholarships available from This is a Zero Waste event. Plan to bring your own name tag, cup and napkin as well as a brown bag lunch - unless you hear otherwise.


Plastics: Pattty Moore     Paper: Susan Kinsella     Glass: Phil Ross     Metals: Emilio Zamora

All questions submitted in advance will be answered at the class.

Thanks to the Alameda County Education Advisory Board  (EAB) for financial assistance.

:  Phil Ross graduated in ceramic engineering from University of Illinois in 1965. He worked in glass production for 27 years and served as VP at Kerr Glass in Santa Ana, California for 15 years. Since 1992 he has operated Glass Industry Consulting, Inc., a small consulting firm in Laguna Niguel, CA with an international client base.

PAPER:  Susan Kinsella, the Executive Director of Conservatree has been a national expert on environmental paper and environmentally preferable product procurement issues for over 25 years. Working first for Conservatree Paper Company in the 1980s, she joined Californians Against Waste Foundation in the early 1990s, became a consultant in 1994 then reformed Conservatree as a nonprofit 1997. She writes frequently for recycling magazines and journals and recently completed a study with Richard Gertman of the effect of single stream recycling on paper quality and how American mills are responding. She has spoken at several RU programs.

PLASTICS:  Patty Moore is the principal of Moore Recycling Associates of Sonoma, California and has been president of the Plastics Recycling Corporation of California since its inception in 1986. Her firm of twelve employees promotes the increased recycling of plastics in California and around the country. She has spoken at several recent RU programs.

METALS:  Emilio Zamora has been the general manager of ALCO Metals in San Leandro for over 25 years and his family has been the scrap metals business for over 50 years. The firm provides metals marketing services to curbside program operators throughout Northern California.

When recycling had many fewer workers, it was more common for all of us to know a lot about materials; we were all involved in quality control and we got feedback from the mills about what they liked (or mostly disliked) about our stuff. Now, with so many of us playing specialized roles, we often hear very little about what the mills like and don’t like about the “stuff” that now arrives in large quantities everywhere.

NCRA believes that all recycling professionals gain competence when they know more about the basic materials, even if they don’t use this information every day. More than the INTRODUCTION TO RECYCLING students need this class; all of us can be helped by it. Further instruction on other materials is planned if attendance merits the planning.

Arthur R. Boone of the Center for Recycling Research (CRR) and Total Recycling Associates is NCRA’s lead instructor. After preparing a syllabus he applied for and NCRA received a small grant from the Alameda County Education Advisory Board to support designing and finding teachers for the first running of this class; Thank you, EAB.

Class Powerpoints will available for downloading by NCRA members. For course details, check with Arthur R. Boone -

November 27th, 2012 9:00 AM   through   4:45 PM
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
75 Hawthorne St
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States

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Phone: 510 982-1841
Nature of Materials Part 1 - PayPal payment $ 57.00
Nature of Materials Part 1 - Check payment $ 55.00

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